hoto Credit: cintia domit bittar

hoto Credit: cintia domit bittar

Lucas de Barros - Director & Producer

Director, Photographer, DOP, DIT, Editor, Colorist and Post-production coordinator with over 10 years of experience, Lucas is real a jack of all trades in the digital media world, having worked in virtually any function on the business in countless productions all over the world, from Argentina to the United Kingdom. As a director he made videoclips, short films and the feature documentary The Sound of Chamamé - about South American Folk Music. He's a friend of Jonathan Shaw since 2005, a founding parter at Novelo Filmes and lives in Florianópolis, Brazil with his wife and son.

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hoto Credit: Mariana thomé

hoto Credit: Mariana thomé

Mariana Thomé - Director & Producer

Award-winning filmmaker, Mariana graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Filmmaking. Her hometown is the island of Florianopolis in South Brazil, but she resides in Los Angeles where throughout her years in film school, she produced over 15 projects, including the live performance recording of My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and a commercial spot for NASA. As a director, her first short-film The Food Truck Deal has won the prizes of Best Screenwriting, Best Acting, and Best Editing in a student film, as well as the Audience Award. Currently, other than working in Scab Vendor, Mariana is developing her TV-Show Desterro, based on the folclore of her hometown.

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hoto Credit: Lucas de Barros

hoto Credit: Lucas de Barros

Enrique Aular - Producer

Enrique Aular is an award-winning filmmaker and communications advisor. He produced Hermano, what became one the most successful Latin American films, both commercially and critique-wise. And with more than 600 commercial, short films and music videos filmed he has literally dozens of international awards such as Clio Awards, the New York Festival, London International Advertising Awards, Cresta Awards, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, FIAP, PROMAX and more. Beyond his filmmaking career, Enrique has also been recognized for his work in culture and communications for development: he is founder of the Plátanoverde Magazine (which won the National Book Award for Culture Magazine) and he is communication advisor of UNICEF and CAF development bank on Latin America. Mr. Aular is currently a Spokespersons for Peace of the United Nations.

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Christian Jurgensen - Producer

After finishing his Bachelor's in Media & Communications at the Southern Cross University in Australia, and a quick snoop in an advertising company in Hamburg, Christian decided to engage in filmmaking. This brought him in 2011 to Los Angeles, California where he completed a MFA and lives and works until today. Driven by a deep passion for professional work and creativity, Christian has been apart of numerous projects in various positions, but also managed to Produce, Write & Direct projects of his own. Currently, Christian is working next to Scab Vendor on several projects for MARACA INC.  a creative media and entertainment collective, designed to explore and generate content that is relevant beyond multicultural and curious spheres.

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Juan Bernardo González - Executive Producer

Juan Bernardo has over 25 years of experience as an executive producer, working for companies such as Leo Burnett, D-Linea Films, McCann Erickson and Nexus Producciones. He is one of the founding partners of Whiskey Films, where he produced over 1500 commercials, earning prizes at Cannes, New York Festival, London International Advertising Awards, FIAP, Ojo Iberoamérica, amongst others. 

Arturo Pereyra - Executive Producer

Although born in Venezuela in 1964, Arturo grew up in New York. He obtained a BA in Communications (RTvF) from the University of Maryland in 1988 and an MFA from the Syracuse University in 1993. For over 20 years and counting he has directed over 1000 spots throughout the continent, and his work has been recognized by all the major advertising awards. After having partnered with Prime Time (Venezuela 1999-2002), República (Colombia 2002-2004) and Catatonia (Mexico 2005-2009) in 2009 he becomes a founding partner of Whiskey Films.