Lamaraca is a creative media and entertainment collective, designed to explore and generate content that is relevant beyond multicultural and curious spheres.

From the minds of founding partners Enrique Aular (Hermano), Juan Bernardo González (Whiskey Films) and Arturo Pereyra (Whiskey Films), Lamaraca strives to celebrate diversity by uniting people to break cultural boundaries through multi-format projects that trigger important conversations.                           
821 Vernon Ave                                    
Venice, CA / USA


In Association With

Novelo Filmes is a Brazilian
production company founded
in 2010 focused in producing
quality content for both film and TV. 

Rua dos Ilhéus 38 sala 502
Florianópolis / Brazil

T +55 48 3039 1902


Kenaz Entertainment is a production
company based in Los Angeles that
creates fiction and non-fiction content
that compel the audience to challenge
their beliefs and engage into action.

12037 Hart St #404
Los Angeles, CA - USA

T +1 (818) 272-1814
T +1 (818) 324-1881